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Recent Advancements and Applications of Microfluidics and Fluid Mechanics

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Microfluidics 2019

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Theme: Recent Advancements And Applications Of Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics

On Behalf Of Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics 2018 Organizing Committee, We Are Pleased To Invite Chairperson, Director/ Dean, Associate Professors, Professors, Phd Students And Post Graduates Of , Mechanical Engineering,Physics,Computational Fluid Dynamics,Fluid Mechanics,Aerospace Engineering And Related Fields., Teachers, Business Delegates And Young Researchers Across The World To Attend International Conference On Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics Which Is To Be Held On. The Conference Highlights The Theme “Recent Advancements And Applications Of Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics”.

Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics Is Pleased To Invite Chairperson, Director/ Dean, Associate Professors, Professors, Phd Students And Post Graduates Of Mechanical Engineering, Physics , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Fluid Mechanics , Aerospace Engineering And Related Fields.

The Scientific Program Includes Keynote & Plenary Talks, Video Presentations, Poster Presentations And E-Posters. Furthermore, Oral Communications Of (Post)Doctoral Junior Scientists Will Be Considered. It Is The Goal Of The Organizers To Make This Meeting An Event Of Scientific Excellence, Attractive To Both Industrial And Academic Scientists In Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics.

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With Members From Around The World Focused On Learning About Mechanical Engineering, Physics , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Fluid Mechnics  , Aerospace Engineering  ; This Is Your Single Best Opportunity To Reach The Largest Assemblage Of Participants. Conduct Demonstrations, Distribute Information, Meet With Current And Potential Customers, Make A Splash With A New Product Line, And Receive Name Recognition At This 3-Day Event. World- Renowned Speakers, The Most Recent Techniques, Tactics, And The Newest Updates In Fields Are Hallmarks Of This Conference.

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Directors, Presidents & CEO’s From Companies, Chemical Instrument Vendors Professors And Students From Academia In The Study Of Mechanical EngineeringPhysics , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Fluid Mechnics  , Aerospace Engineering   All Over The World.







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Fluid mechanics has an extensive variety of uses, including mechanical building, structural designing, concoction building, biomedical building, geophysics, astronomy, and science. Fluid mechanics can be isolated into liquid states, the investigation of liquids very still; and liquid flow, the investigation of the impact of powers on smooth movement. It is a branch of continuum mechanics, a subject which models matter without utilizing the data that it is made out of iotas; that is, it demonstrates matter from a naturally visible perspective as opposed to from tiny. Fluid mechanics, particularly liquid flow, is a dynamic field of research with numerous issues that are mostly or entirely unsolved. Liquid mechanics can be scientifically intricate, and can best be fathomed by numerical techniques, regularly utilizing PCs. An advanced train, called computational liquid elements (CFD), is committed to this way to deal with taking care of liquid mechanics issues. Molecule picture velocimetry, a trial technique for envisioning and breaking down liquid stream, additionally exploits the exceedingly visual nature of liquid stream.


Microfluidics manages the conduct, exact control and control of liquids that are geometrically obliged to a little, regularly sub-millimeter, scale. It is a multidisciplinary field at the convergence of building, material science, science, natural chemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, with reasonable applications in the plan of frameworks in which low volumes of liquids are handled to accomplish multiplexing, robotization, and high-throughput screening. Microfluidics rose in the start of the 1980s and is utilized as a part of the advancement of inkjet printheads, DNA chips, lab-on-a-chip innovation, small scale drive, and smaller scale warm advances.


Fluid Flow is a part of fluid mechanics and deals with fluid dynamics. Fluids such as gases and liquids in motion are called as fluid flow. Motion of a fluid is subjected to unbalanced forces or stresses. The motion continues as long as unbalanced forces are applied. The flow continues as long as water is available. Fluid is a substance, such as liquid or gas that can flow, has no fixed shape and offers little resistance that has no external stress. Flow is defined as the quantity of fluid (gas, liquid, vapour or sublimate) that passes a point per unit time.


In material science and building, fluid movement is a sub train of fluid mechanics that portrays the surge of fluids - liquids and gases. It has a couple of subdisciplines, including ideal plan (the examination of air and diverse gases in development) and hydrodynamics (the examination of liquids in development). Fluid components has a broad assortment of employments, including learning forces and minutes on aircraft, choosing the mass stream rate of oil through pipelines, anticipating atmosphere plans, understanding nebulae in interstellar space and showing part weapon blast.

Fluid components offers a ponder structure—which underlies these utilitarian requests—that grips observational and semi-correct laws got from stream estimation and used to deal with down to earth issues. The response for a fluid components issue generally incorporates the figuring of various properties of the fluid, for instance, stream speed, weight, thickness, and temperature, as components of room and time.


A turbomachine is the place machine trades essentialness (mechanical imperativeness) as shaft work, is traded either to or from a reliably gushing fluid by the dynamic action of turning sharp edge segments.

The work rule of turbo machine: the essentialness trade being finished by the movement of no less than one rotating forefront sections. The dynamic action of turning sharp edges sets up powers between the front lines and fluid while the parts of these forces toward edge development offer climb to the essentialness trade between the edges and fluid.


With the improvement of the examination field, researcher began eating up the stream wonders in the natural framework and its effects. In connection to this, the utilization of liquid mechanics to natural frameworks specifically to the human cardiovascular framework, is a quickly rising field that requires a profound solid learning of liquid mechanics and also nonlinear strong mechanics, and particular specialized strategies for taking care of liquid strong collaborating frameworks. This field acquaints critical hypothetical issues with be tended to. It includes the communication of liquid with natural frameworks, and with mechanical gadgets. The investigation of streams in prosthetic components, additional human stream frameworks, miniaturized scale gadgets includes an expansive scope of modern liquid mechanics that is likewise part of the educational programs think about.

  • Cardiovascular fluid dynamics
  • Flows in artificial organs, artificial heart valve prostheses, blood pumps
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Mechanics
  • Intracranial aneurysm, pediatric surgical corrections
  • Humanoid robots, service robots
  • Respiratory flows, small-scale physiological flows using microfluidic techniques
  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing Logistics


Fluid Dynamics is a tremendous subject with various common sense applications in everyday life, refering to the prerequisite of the fast and precision orientated outcomes the computational liquid flow has a noteworthy part to play. CFD utilizes numerical examination and calculation to break down the issues of liquid stream and better and precise outcomes can be accomplished utilizing supercomputer .different looks into has been done to build up programming's which can yield exact consequences of complex issues of turbulent stream .the essentials of CFD originates from naviers feeds hypothesis. Strategies were first created to comprehend the linearized potential conditions however advance the PC control accessible paced improvement of three dimensional technique.

  • Discretization methods
  • CFD-modelling
  • Hybrid multizonal
  • Coupling numerical computational
  • Compressibility and shock waves
  • Two-phase flow
  • FD-modelling of free interfaces
  • Three methods of CFD calculations for a turbine last stage – exhaust hood designing
  • CFD Technologies.


Hydraulics is concerned with the practical applications of fluids, primarily liquids in motion. It is related to fluid mechanics, which in large part provides its theoretical foundation. Hydraulics deals with such matters as the flow of liquids in pipes, rivers, and channels and their confinement by dams and tanks. Some of its principles apply also to gases, usually in cases in which variations in density are relatively small. Consequently, the scope of hydraulics extends to such mechanical devices as fans and gas turbines and to pneumatic control systems.


Turbine is a device that converts the energy in a stream of fluid into mechanical energy. The conversion is generally accomplished by passing the fluid through a system of stationary passages or vanes that alternate with passages consisting of finlike blades attached to a rotor. By arranging the flow so that a tangential force, or torque, is exerted on the rotor blades, the rotor turns, and work is extracted.

A turbine is a machine that transforms rotational energy from a fluid that is picked up by a rotor system into usable work or energy.  Turbines achieve this either through mechanical gearing or electromagnetic induction to produce electricity. Types of turbines include steam turbines, wind turbines, gas turbines or water turbines. Mechanical uses of turbine power go back to ancient Greece. The first wind wheels relied upon gearing and shafts to power machinery. Windmills and water wheels are forms of turbines too and might drive a millstone to grind grain, among other purposes.

  • Axial turbine
  • Steam turbine
  • Turboshaft
  • Radial turbine
  • Water turbine
  • Turbopump
  • Gas turbine
  • Turbojet
  • Turboprop


Heat Transfer System characterizes the exchange of warm vitality, between material frameworks relying upon the warmth and mass by breaking down warmth. The basic methods of warmth exchange are transference or dissemination, convection and radiation. It incorporates Nuclear vitality, Heat move in flame and start and Heat move in mechanized gear and Fluid mechanics equipment.

  • Heat transfer in multiphase systems
  • Biomedical engineering in fluid mechanics
  • Heat transfer in fire and combustion
  • Nuclear energy
  • Heat transfer in multiphase systems
  • Transport phenomena in materials processing and manufacturing
  • Heat transfer in electronic equipment
  • Heat and mass transfer in biotechnology


The division of science worried about powers following up on or applied by liquids (particularly fluids). It is likewise material science doing with the movement and activity of water and different fluids; flow of fluids which is just worried about the mechanical properties of liquids. It is the sub teach of liquid elements that arrangements with fluids, including hydrostatics and hydrokinetics. It is a logical investigation of the movement of liquids, particularly non-compressible fluids, affected by inner and outside powers.


Bead based microfluidics is a subcategory of microfluidics conversely with persistent microfluidics; bead based microfluidics controls discrete volumes of liquids in immiscible stages with low Reynolds number and laminar stream administrations. Enthusiasm for bead based microfluidics frameworks has been developing significantly in past decades. Micro droplets take into account dealing with smaller than normal volumes (μl to fl) of liquids helpfully, give better blending, embodiment, arranging, and detecting, and suit high throughput experiments. Exploiting the advantages of bead based microfluidics proficiently requires a profound comprehension of drop age  to perform different sensible operations, for example, bead movement, drop arranging, drop consolidating, and bead breakup.

  • Droplet Formation Method
  • Droplet Manipulation
  • Biological Macromolecule Characterization
  • Droplet Detection


Other options to the above shut channel nonstop stream frameworks incorporate novel open structures, where discrete, freely controllable beads are controlled on a substrate utilizing electro wetting. Following the similarity of advanced microelectronics, this approach is alluded to as computerized microfluidics. Le Pesant et al. spearheaded the utilization of electro capillary powers to move beads on an advanced track. The "liquid transistor" spearheaded by Cytonix likewise assumed a part. The innovation was in this manner popularized by Duke University. By utilizing discrete unit-volume droplets, a microfluidic capacity can be diminished to an arrangement of rehashed essential tasks, i.e., moving one unit of liquid more than one unit of separation. This "digitisation" strategy encourages the utilization of a various leveled and cell-based approach for microfluidic biochip outline. In this manner, computerized microfluidics offers an adaptable and versatile framework design and high adaptation to non-critical failure ability. Additionally, on the grounds that every bead can be controlled freely, these frameworks likewise have dynamic reconfigurability, whereby gatherings of unit cells in a microfluidic cluster can be reconfigured to change their usefulness amid the simultaneous execution of an arrangement of bioassays. Despite the fact that beads are controlled in limited microfluidic channels, since the control on beads isn't autonomous, it ought not to be confounded as "advanced microfluidics". One normal incitation technique for computerized microfluidics is electro wetting-on-dielectric (EWOD). Numerous lab-on-a-chip applications have been exhibited inside the advanced microfluidics worldview utilizing electro wetting. Notwithstanding, as of late different systems for bead control have additionally been shown utilizing surface acoustic waves, optoelectro wetting, mechanical actuation, and so forth.


Paper-based microfluidic gadgets fill a developing specialty for convenient, shabby, and easy to understand medicinal demonstrative systems. Such gadgets highlight hydrophobic hindrances on hydrophilic paper that inactively transport fluid answers for outlets where organic responses take place. Current applications incorporate versatile glucose detection and ecological testing, keeping in mind the desire of achieving zones that need propelled restorative indicative instruments.

  • Device Architecture
  • Device Flow
  • Manufacturing Techniques
  • Applications


Early biochips depended on the possibility of a DNA microarray, e.g., the GeneChip DNAarray from Affymetrix, which is a bit of glass, plastic or silicon substrate, on which bits of DNA (tests) are attached in a minute exhibit. Like a DNA microarray, a protein exhibit is a smaller than normal cluster where a large number of various catch specialists, most much of the time monoclonal antibodies, are saved on a chip surface; they are utilized to decide the nearness as well as measure of proteins in natural examples, e.g., blood. A downside of DNA and protein clusters is that they are neither reconfigurable nor adaptable after produce. Advanced microfluidics has been portrayed as a method for doing Digital PCR.

  • Principle
  • Uses And Types
  • Experimental Design
  • Standardization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Alternative Technologies


Microfluidic cell culture incorporates information from science, natural chemistry, building, and material science to create gadgets and strategies for refined, keeping up, examining, and trying different things with cells at the microscale. It blends microfluidics, an arrangement of innovations utilized for the control of little liquid volumes (μL, nL, pL) inside falsely manufactured microsystems, and cell culture, which includes the support and development of cells in a controlled research center environment. Microfluidics has been utilized for cell science considers as the measurements of the microfluidic stations are appropriate for the physical size of cells. For instance, eukaryotic cells have direct measurements between 10-100 μm which falls inside the scope of microfluidic dimensions. A key segment of microfluidic cell culture is having the capacity to mirror the cell microenvironment which incorporates solvent factors that manage cell structure, capacity, conduct, and growth. Another imperative segment for the gadgets is the capacity to deliver stable angles that are available in vivo as these inclinations assume a huge part in understanding chemotactic, durotactic, and haptotactic impacts on cells.

  • Fabrication.
  • Advantages.
  • Two-Dimensional Culture.
  • Three Dimensional Culture.


Acoustic bead discharge utilizes a beat of ultrasound to move low volumes of liquids (ordinarily nanoliters or picoliters) with no physical contact. This innovation centers acoustic vitality into a liquid example with a specific end goal to discharge beads as little as a millionth of a millionth of a liter (picoliter = 10−12 liter). ADE innovation is an exceptionally delicate process, and it can be utilized to exchange proteins, high sub-atomic weight DNA and live cells without harm or loss of feasibility. This element makes the innovation reasonable for a wide assortment of uses including proteomics and cell-based examines.

  • History.
  • Ejection Mechanism.
  • Application Of Acoustic Transfer.


An electro osmotic pump (EOP), or EO pump, is utilized for producing stream or weight by utilization of an electric field. One use of this is expelling fluid flooding water from channels and gas dispersion layers and direct hydration of the proton trade film in the layer anode get together (MEA) of the proton trade layer energy components.  


PM&AM Research's liquids capacities run from microfluidics to hypersonic stream. Consolidating responsive species and inhomogeneous introductory conditions into these streams enables us to think about wonders with an assortment of applications.Our novel vitality statement items empower progressive streamlined impacts which can be upgraded for custom fitted and vitality proficient applications for an expansive scope of vehicles and stages.


To decide the best shape and plan for the base grinding coefficient and thus the greatest proficiency can be accomplished by streamlined recreation, re-enactment produces information with characterized limits to meet the investigations objective. Consequently it frames a virtual world which can be contrasted and genuine conditions and help with extemporizing the outline determinations in like manner.

  • Race Car Design And Optimisation
  • Aircraft Drag Reduction
  • Aircraft lift enhancement
  • Rocket Aerodynamics
  • aircraft model
  • wing design
  • Bridge Design
  • Hybrid RESSs
  • Computational Methods for RESS


Due to the nonlinearity of the overseeing conditions it is exceptionally hard to foresee the sound creation of liquid streams. This sound generation happens commonly at fast streams, for which nonlinear inertial terms in the condition of movement are substantially bigger than the gooey terms (high Reynolds numbers). As sound creation speaks to just an exact moment part of the vitality in the stream the immediate forecast of sound age is exceptionally troublesome. This is especially sensational in free space and at low subsonic rates. The way that the sound field is in some sense a little bother of the stream can nonetheless, be utilized to acquire surmised arrangements. Aero-acoustics gives such approximations and in the meantime a meaning of the acoustical field as an extrapolation of a perfect reference streams. The contrast between the real stream and the reference stream is distinguished as a wellspring of sound.

  • Computational Aero acoustics
  • Doppler effect
  • Aero-acoustic analogies
  • Curle’s formulation
  • Confined flows
  • Thermal Expansion and Thermal Stresses
  • Acoustic wave equations
  • Jet Aeroacoustics


The early history is given of the productive advancement of CFD gathering courses inside the Fluid Dynamics bunch (T-3) at town National Laboratory inside the years from 1958 to the late Sixties. a few of the directly utilized numerical strategies PIC, MAC, Vorticity-stream-work, ICE, lager ways and along these lines the k-e approach for turbulence-began all through at this point. The rest of the paper abridges this examination in T-3 for CFD, turbulence and solids displaying. The examination territories grasp responsive streams, multi material streams, point streams and streams with spacial discontinuities. furthermore condensed square measure popular molecule ways and strategies created for enormous scale registering on hugely parallel figuring stages and dispersed processors.


Thermo fluid dynamics is the consolidate investigation of Heat exchange, Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics and Combustion. These subjects by and large assume a basic part in deciding the productivity and execution of the machines, thus the outline determination of the machines. it manages the transformation of vitality starting with one shape then onto the next. It additionally portrays the different powers associated with liquid stream, which additionally separated into liquid kinematics and liquid progression. A portion of the use of liquid mechanics is Pump Design, Hydro-Electric Power Generation and Naval Architecture.


Market Analysis

Microfluidics Market worth 27.91 Billion USD by 2020

The report "Microfluidics Market by Application (Genomics, Proteomics, Capillary Electrophoresis, IVD (POC, Clinical Diagnostics), Drug Delivery, Micro reactor, Lab Tests), Component (Chips, Pump, Needle), Material (Polymer, Glass, Silicon) - Global Forecast to 2020", The microfluidics market is projected to reach USD 27.91 Billion by 2020 from an estimated USD 10.06 Billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 22.6%. The emergent use of polymers is expected to lower the price of microfluidic products. This, in turn, will rise the implementation of microfluidic technologies, and thereby support the growth of the market during the forecast period. In addition to this, growing investments, favorable regulatory policies, and growth in healthcare and biotechnology industries in emerging Asian markets are expected to provide potential growth opportunities for players operating in the microfluidics market. Furthermore, growing application of microfluidic technology in personalized medicine, organ-on-a-chip, and liquid biopsies; expanding application of microfluidics in drug delivery systems such as insulin pumps and inhalers is further expected to drive the market during the estimate period.

 Proteomics, Capillary Electrophoresis, IVD (POC, Browse 166 market data Tables and 51 Figures spread through 228 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Microfluidics Market by Application (Genomics Clinical Diagnostics), Drug Delivery, Micro reactor, Lab Tests), Component (Chips, Pump, Needle), Material (Polymer, Glass, Silicon) - Global Forecast to 2020"

By application, the in vitro diagnostic segment accounted for the major share of the microfluidics market in 2017

On the basis of application, the microfluidics market is broadly segmented into in vitro diagnostics, pharmaceutical and lifescience research, drug delivery, and laboratory testing. In 2017, the in vitro diagnostics segment accounted for the largest share of this market. Microfluidic technologies are used in in vitro diagnostics for clinical diagnostics and POC testing. Rising incidence of chronic diseases, aging population, increasing healthcare spending in emerging countries, growing demand for point-of-care testing, and rapid technological changes in molecular diagnostics are some of the major factors supporting the growth of the microfluidics market for IVD applications during the estimate period. IVD embedded with microfluidic technologies such as POC diagnostics, PCR systems, analyzers, and electrophoretic systems are gradually being used in diagnostics, agriculture, forensics, water testing, and environmental screening. These devices provide various advantages such as portability due to reduced size of the device, increased frequency of testing and precise & quick analysis.

By type, microfluidic chips segment accounted for the largest share of the microfluidics components market in 2017

Based on the type, the microfluidic components market is further segmented into microfluidic chips, microfluidic sensors, micropumps, microneedles, and others. In 2017, microfluidic chips segment accounted for the largest share of this market. Factors such as the growing demand for point-of-care testing, increasing use of personalized medicine for the treatment of various chronic diseases, rising number of drug discovery and life sciences research activities, growing need for high-speed diagnostics, and enlarged government funding are attributed to the large share of the microfluidic chips market.

North America dominated the market in 2017

North America accounted for the largest share of the microfluidics market in 2017, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The largest share of the North American region is mainly attributed to the higher incidence rate of chronic diseases, availability of insurance coverage for laboratory testing procedures, sufficient compensations for medical devices, and presence of well-structured distribution channels in the region. In addition, high demand for self-administration and home healthcare devices, and growing applications of micropumps, inhalers, and transdermal microneedles for chronic conditions such as migraine, diabetes, cancer pain, and asthma have further resulted in the large share of this market.

The key players in the global microfluidics market are Danaher (US), Thermo Fisher (US), PerkinElmer (US), Agilent (US), Bio-Rad (US), Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), Roche (Switzerland), Illumina (US), Fluidigm Microfluidics (US), and QIAGEN (Netherlands). Other key players include Dolomite Microfluidics (UK), GYROS PROTEIN TECHNOLOGIES AB (Sweden), Sphere Fluidics (UK), OPKO Health (US), Waters (US), thinXXS Microtechnology (Germany), Abaxis (US), BioMérieux (France), Abbott (US), Dolomite Microfluidics (UK), Microfluidic ChipShop (Germany), Elveflow (France), Cellix (Ireland), Micronit Microtechnologies (Netherlands), MicroLiquid (Spain), MiniFAB (Australia), uFluidix (Canada), Micralyne (US), and Fluigent (France).

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With a microfluidic devices market reaching US$5.95B in 2020 against US$2.56B in 2015, Yole’s analysts confirm: “Microfluidic applications are now well established, and their advantages well-known.” And Sébastien Clerc, Technology & Market Analyst, Yole adds: “We can observe fields in which existing microfluidic technologies supporting new applications are competing with other technologies. Also, emerging microfluidic technologies are used in both existing and emerging applications, where they bring new functions and/or benefits”.

Yole’s technology & market report offers a deep understanding of the technology evolution. Indeed analysts propose an overview of the microfluidic technologies and related applications including a specific focus on emerging ones (see illustration enclosed). "Emerging microfluidic applications have the potential to significantly boost the microfluidic market in the coming years. They have been listed and analysed in our report", says Sebastian Clerc.
Following what Yole foresaw several years ago, the combination of microfluidics and optics in the same device are now emerging everywhere through performant devices. One great example is the development of liquid lenses for camera modules, which provide high precision, continuous autofocus, and low power consumption. Other new applications are coming into play, such as microfluidic cooling for integrated components.













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Universities Associated With Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics


ETH Zurich | Swansea University | University of Manchester | Imperial College London | Cranfield University | University of Lincoln | Universitat Rovira I Virgili - URV | Aberdeen University | Grenoble Institute of Technology | UCL (University College London)  | Cranfield University | University of Exeter Engineering | University of Strathclyde | University of Cambridge | University of East London| University of Hertfordshire | Institut National Polytechnique De Toulouse | University of Leeds | University of Liverpool | Von Karman Institute For Fluid Dynamics, Belgium.


University of Tokyo | National University of Singapore (NUS) | Tsinghua University |  KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology | Korea University | IISC Bangalore | Zhejiang University | Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai | University of Bolton - Ras Al Khaimah ACADEMIC CENTRE | Manipal International University | Amity University: Dubai | Beijing Institute of Technology | Ted University | Lakshveer Overseas Solution | Rafik Hariri University | Rafik Hariri University | Emirates Aviation University | South Ural State University | Liaoning University Of Technology | Universiti Kuala Lumpur | Vietnamese-German University.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) | University of Minnesota |  University of MichiganStanford University | Iowa State University | University of Maryland |University of New Hampshire | University of Colorado Boulder | University of Utah | Florida State University | Brown University | Owens Community College | Virginia Military Institute | Ohio State University | University of Wisconsin Madison | Penn State University | University  of California | University of Texas | University of Wisconsin | University of Connecticut | University of Southern California Los Angeles.

Journals Associated With Microfluidics And Fluid Mechanics

Lab-On-A-Chip (Loc). | A Scalable Microfluidics Platform For The Development Of Nanoparticles | Microfluidic Device With Dual-Channel Fluorescence Acquisition For | Quantification/Identification Of Cancer Cells | Acoustofluidic Separation: Impact Of Microfluidic System Design And Of Sample Properties | Anisotropic Composite Polymer For High Magnetic Force In Microfluidic Systems | Drop-On-Demand Printed Microfluidics Devices With Sensing Electrodes Using Silver And Pdms Reactive Inks | A Scalable Microfluidics Platform For The Development Of Nanoparticles | Integrated Microfluidics For Protein Modification Discovery | Application Of Droplet-Based Microfluidics In Screening And Characterization Of Microorganisms. | Microfluidics For Cell Analysis And Isolation. | Magnetic Nanoparticles Meet Microfluidics. | Small Is Big: Bio-Inspired And Microfluidics-Enabled Structures For Manipulating Liquids. | Open Microfluidics (Om): State Of The Art And Perspectives. | Pneumatic Siphon | Valving And Switching In Centrifugal Microfluidics Controlled By Rotational Frequency Or Rotational Acceleration. | Foam-Based Microfluidics: Experiments And Modelling With Lumped Elements. | Enhanced Sample Pre Concentration In Microfluidic Chip Using Grapheme Oxide-Nafion Membrane. | An Automatic Microfluidic System That Continuously Performs | The Systematic Evolution Of Ligands By Exponential Enrichment.| Anomalous Pulse Change In Gravity-Driven Microfluidic Oscillator And Its Application To Photodiode Switching. | Topical Issue On Cell Manipulation And Analysis On Microfluidics Chip. | Topical Issue On Optofluidics And Biological Materials.

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 Aurora Biomed Inc. | Sophilco Ltd | Microliquid Spain | Micrux Technologies | Bartels Mikrotechnik Gmbh | Formulaction | Dantec Dynamics | Fluigent | Royal Biotech | Kamstrup A/S | Schott AG | Mckinley Scientific | Shelron Enterprises | Malvern Instruments Ltd. | Akribis Scientific Ltd | LOT-Quantumdesign | Thinxxs Microtechnology AG | Kinesis Inc | Akribis Scientific Ltd | KR Analytical Ltd.


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 Microfluidics Corp | Micronit | F. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd | RainDance Technologies, Inc | Abaxis | Abbott Point of Care (i-STAT) | ACEA Bioscience | Advalytix (Beckman Coulter) | Advanced Microlabs | Advion | Affymetrix | Agilent | Aixtek | Akonni Biosystems | Albright Technologies | Aline Inc | Aquula | Arcxis Biotechnologies | ArrayJet .

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European Federation of National Engineering Associations | European Association For Fluid Dynamics | Caspian Engineers Society | Association Française De Mécanique |  Institution of Engineers of Ireland |  Institute of Physics And Engineering In Medicine | Russian Union of Engineers | Ordem Dos Engenheiros | Royal Academy of Engineering | Association For Project Management | Society of Engineers |  Institution of Engineers And Shipbuilders In Scotland | British Nuclear Energy Society | Women's Engineering Society | Society of Professional Engineers | Institution of Mechanical Engineers |  Technical Chamber of Greece |  Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers |  Institute of Healthcare Engineering | Institute of Physics.


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!